Few Points That May Rectify Your Bowling Mistakes

Perfect bowling comes only with good practice. As a starter, many people will struggle to capture what went wrong in their bowling. First, Find out which is the best bowling ball. Secondly, Know about your approach and analyze it yourself.

There are few important things that have to be kept in mind to get a good flow. Some of them are as follows.

  • Use your approach and proceed towards the line. Have in mind that you have to walk in a straight line.
  • Never bend your arms. keep your hand straight. Keep your arm close to the body. Do not forget to bring your arm to the shoulder level.
  • The throw depends on your power of steps. Concentrate on your steps. The steps you keep to proceed with the ball matters. The second to the last step will give your body more momentum and this will help the ball to be released strongly.
  • The time when the ball is released has to be controlled to have a clean throw. When you release the ball early, the speed of the ball reduces during the hit. At the same time, when the ball is released a bit late, it may result in the bouncing of the ball. So, release the ball at the right time.
  • A perfect throw can be obtained only in Sometimes you need to make your ball spin. For this, If you are a right hander, hold your ball with four fingers, rotate your thumb to 10’o clock position when you release the ball. If you are a left hander, rotate your thumb to 2’o clock position when you release the ball. This will cause your ball to spin as it hits the pin.
  • Do not just stop moving your arm once you release the ball, this will reduce the speed. Move your arm freely unless it reaches above your head.

Practice well with the above points in mind and grow as a good bowler.