How To Improve Your Tinder Profile

When you are on the lookout for a partner, the hunt can be tricky and frustrating when you don’t know what to say. Earlier, one would meet a person through a common friend. Here the introductions are over and your friend would have definitely told a thing or two about you, which has piqued the person’s interest.

Today, with the social media taking over our lives, one does not waste time in meeting a friend’s friend. They go online and start hunting for a suitable person. Tinder is one such online dating site where one can easily find a date in no time. There are many profiles to peruse through and choose. One can always go on a date and move on if they are not impressed. There are no friends to answer to and no awkward meetings in the future as both may never cross paths again.

Your tinder profile is very important if you want to make a good impression. What your profile shows is what people see. They form their first impression about you from your profile. Only then do they decide to meet you or not.

Here are some tips to make your profile interesting:

  • A catchy line will definitely get anyone’s attention. Try posting some Inspiring quotes about love. If it is a person who loves words, they are sure to be impressed, however, refrain from posting anything too long or abusive to any particular group of people.
  • Post a recent picture of yours where one can make out your face. Trying to be too cool and fun loving can backfire. It need not be an official photo, it can be from your recent vacation or outing that shows the real you. The photo should look authentic and not posed.
  • Refrain from posting strong views. This may impress some people but many may get offended and may lead to complaining about your profile. Reserve such comments for face to face conversations.