How long does it take to read all Harry Potter books?

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Do you own all the books? If you are and love to read it all over again, you must consider listening to it on audio books. You can go here to listen to harry potter audiobooks for free. It is a whole new experience and makes a big difference to your Harry Potter journey.

Reading Them All

If you start on your mission to complete all the Harry Potter books, it will take you a good two to three weeks, provided you do nothing but read. This is accounting for your breaks in between, your sleeping time, eating time, etc.

For a good reader it takes this amount of time. if you are busy with other routine and read only in your spare time, it is going to take you much longer. If you are reading about an hour or two only in a day, you will take at least a month’s time to finish all the 7 books in this amazing series.

Now, that is not how long a person needs to spend on reading these books. You can finish them much faster, were someone to narrate it to you. if you subscribe for the audio books, that is exactly what you get.

You get to read when you are in the waiting area, in a boring conference or even the subway. Even when it is packed around you and you have no place to sit down and read a bog book, you can always plug in your earphones and hear the story.

Also, imagine you get some extra free time and are able to complete a book much before you anticipated. You will have to wait till you get home, to get your hands on the next book. With an audio book, you can carry all the parts with you, all the time.