What Makes Saint Laurent Bags So Special?

  • Saint Laurent bags are just divine. A handbag designed by Saint Laurent is the most precious and priceless thing you could ever own. You really need to revere it and look up to like a heavenly object.  These bags are one of the most sought-after bags in the fashion world are style statements by themselves. Caring a Saint Laurent bag as an accessory will complete and complement any outfit that you wear and will surely make you look nothing less than a diva.
  • The best part of Saint Laurent bags are that they are made with so much precision and class they are absolutely distinct from any other brand.  They are so unique and exclusive that they are really hard to copy or replicate as well. So, rest assured finding a fake Saint Laurent bag is really difficult and it is a matter of pride that you own an original Saint Laurent.
  • Here are a few features which make saint Laurent bags a class apart from the rest.
  • Classic Designs
  • Nowhere else will you be able to find such an amazing and wide range of designer bags that are suitable for any event or occasion. These bags have never gone out of fashion and will never go out of fashion even in the years to come.
  • Beautifully functional
  • The one thing that attracts me most to Saint Laurent bags is their functionality. Apart from looking elite and chic, their bags are absolutely functional and are a pleasure to use. They take of minor requirements like making them roomier, providing small zip pockets and extra straps to make your bag more easy and flexible to carry.
  • Durability
  • A Saint Laurent bag is nothing if not 100% durable. Not for anything does the brand compromise on quality and durability. Almost all their bags come with warranties and in the case of any issues regarding durability within that period, Saint Laurent ensures that it will be taken care of.

It’s Time To Switch Your Wi-Fi Technology

Do you feel your Wi-Fi connection has become slow or your recipe-of-the-day cookery show is endlessly buffering and not showing signs of playing? Your video is taking hours to get uploaded or you are facing connectivity issues? If you are using a single band Wi-Fi router, then it is time for a change.

More about Single Band Routers

A Single Band Router utilizes 2.4 GHz frequency band (450 Mbps) for connectivity. It is widely used (802.11b and g devices) in the domestic sector where internet applications mostly revolve around browsing, mail accessing, upload and download of files and social networking. The advantage of this router is that it is more compatible with the existing devices and also offers greater signal reach.

However, Single Band Routers transmit only through 3 non-overlapping channels, and being widespread, these channels are crowded and noisy with low signal clarity due to interference. These channels may be used by many other devices or consumer gadgets like cordless phones, monitors, other Wi-Fi access points, Bluetooth devices etc. This brings down their performance. The presence of a busier network like business centers, offices, organizations etc adds to the connection woes.

What can replace the Single Band Router?

If your current Wi-Fi router is not serving its purpose, then it can be replaced by a dual band wifi router which is capable of utilizing either one or both of the frequencies 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz (1.3Gbps) wireless bands for transmission. The frequency used may depend upon the requirement of the user. The 5 GHz channel experiences less interference and hence transmission is cleaner compared to 2.4GHz channel. Also, it has 23 overlapping channels for transmission. This makes it suitable for heavy applications like streaming high definition (HD) contents, using cloud storage, database working, online gaming, etc.

Dual Band Routers allow two separate Wi-Fi connections to run simultaneously and being separate, there will be no interference. Though they are suitable for low range activities as compared to a single band, they provide much higher bandwidth. They also offer multiple radios to be transmitted together on a single band, which is known as Multiple-In Multiple-Out (MIMO) radio configuration.

There are two types of dual band equipment available in the market now; the Simultaneous Dual Band Routers and the Selectable Dual Band Routers. The Simultaneous Dual Band Routers provide two independent and dedicated networks for video and gaming and are better in performance and flexibility.

Get better home networking experience with the Dual Band Router instead of lagging with your old single band device.